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SACA’s New Direction

The Student ACA (SACA) hosted its annual fall Business Meeting on Sept. 18 over Adobe Connect. During the meeting, Among several actions, SACA adopted the same thematic goals as the ACA. It was important to the student leaders to stay in step with the direction of ACA to ensure continuity when students graduate and become ACA chiropractors.

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Women in Chiropractic: Viewers Questions Answered

*Member-Exclusive Content* ACA’s first Facebook Live discussion, “Women in Chiropractic,” has been viewed by more than 5,000 people to date. The discussion explored the opportunities and challenges that women encounter in the chiropractic profession and celebrated the unique approach and perspectives that they bring to patient care. Viewers were invited to submit questions during the broadcast, and following are answers from moderator Christine Goertz, DC, and featured guests Sarah Potthoff, DC, and Keita Vanterpool, DC.

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“Soy Doctor Bryan”

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, I will translate; Hello!  My name is Bryan Kent, I am a volunteer doctor for World Spine Care in the Dominican Republic!  Over the past week, I have had the humbling experience of treating spine pain, among other chief complaints, for the people of the Dominican Republic.  

Author: Bryan Kent
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A Student’s Perspective: Last-Year Concerns

*Member-Exclusive Content* Last week was my first week treating the general public—instead of just other students—at our university clinic. It was completely frightening. When I was treating students at the university, I didn’t have any acute patients or a patient that had contraindications for treatment. The general public is completely a different story…and a whole new ball game.

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