Committee Position Descriptions

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Committee, Task Force, & Advisory Board Position Descriptions

Members should have experience in the related subject area through practice and/or education. Demonstrated expertise, knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation is a plus.

Members are expected to attend meetings; support and defend ACA policies and programs; promote interest, active participation and membership in ACA; remain a member in good standing; financially support ACA-PAC, NCLAF and or ACF; and attend ACA conferences and events.

Terms are typically 2-years, depending on the committee, task force, or advisory board.

ACA's President appoints the chair and members of all ACA committees, task forces and advisory boards.

Specific duties and requirements:

  • A committee focuses on a subject area that requires ongoing attention and is often limited in size to assure efficient operations. Members attend regularly scheduled one-hour conference calls (8-10 times per year) and can be asked to perform specific assignments as needed. General time commitments range from 1-3 hours per month and the committee can be asked to make recommendations to ACA's Board of Governors on a course of action.
  • A task force addresses a specialized task for a short period and then disbands. Work is usually conducted by email and conference calls. Members undertake assignments on a short-term basis and work is completed once the specific responsibilities delegated to them are achieved. The time commitment can range from 1-2 hours per month.
  • An advisory board provides advise or support on a narrowly-defined strategic goal or objective. Members use their unique experiences and professional expertise to assess a project or other organizational initiatives and provides feedback. Work is conducted by email and/or conference calls. Time commitments for these activities is generally minimal, and a committee or staff member would contact you when your expertise or assistance is needed.

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