Board Member Application

Board Member Application

ACA's Nominating Committee is accepting applications from candidates who are interested in serving in a volunteer leadership position in the association. The committee is seeking individuals who possess leadership competencies in the following areas:


 • Understand ACA’s structure, policies, and culture (including its mission, vision, values, goals, current strategic plan, governance structure, role of staff and volunteers, programs and services)
 • Understand the chiropractic profession – challenges, opportunities and threats and ACA’s role in advancing the profession.


 • Ability to inspire and empower others, including the recruitment and mentoring of new leaders
 • Use resources effectively to achieve set goals, including organizing tasks, delegating responsibilities that use people's skills efficiently, and directing other resources

Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

 • Ability to consider the big picture while being goal/future-oriented, not get caught in minutiae
 • Ability to process large amounts of information; synthesize and incorporate multiple viewpoints and perspectives
 • Ability to think independently and critically (including using research data, asking questions, challenging unsubstantiated information)
 • Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify issues as well as the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems
 • Ability to make informed decisions efficiently and take action when needed
 • Ability to be objective at all times about what is best for the whole of the association rather than what is best for a particular constituency


 • Speak professionally in small or large groups with prepared materials (including to articulate oneself clearly, concisely and logically while addressing the audience's needs)
 • Enhance one's intercultural competence continually and proactively, to represent the association in interactions with diverse groups of people in multiple contexts effectively
 • Facilitate group discussions strategically (including focusing on the agenda and working for practical consensus)
 • Advocate for chiropractors, students, and the profession at multiple levels, from local to national
 • Promote transparency, communicating developments to members, affiliates, etc. and invite input

Independence and Team Work

 • Ability to effectively collaborate with the Executive Vice President, Board colleagues, Delegates, members and staff
 • Ability to interact with other board members in a group setting, both contributing to, and valuing the contributions of all members
 • Ability to provide feedback to the Executive Vice President on behalf of the Board

Financial Literacy

 • Ability to understand and analyze financial reports
 • Ability to review and analyze proposed budgets in light of Association resources, strategic goals, and priorities

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