ACA Virtual Day on the Hill

ACA Virtual Day on the Hill

May 6, 2021

The American Chiropractic Association, the profession’s premier voice on Capitol Hill, will be hosting a virtual advocacy day on Thursday May 6, 2021. A virtual welcome program and informational briefings will be held with registrants on the evenings of May 4th and 5th. Congressional meetings will be scheduled throughout the day on Thursday May 6th between 9:00am and 5:00pm EDT.

ACA has partnered with Advocacy Associates to provide a seamless virtual event including a web-based meeting platform that will be the one-stop location for all virtual meetings. Attendees will be provided with a secure link and will have the ability to communicate with one another and share meeting details, schedules, notes, informational materials and more.

Begin planning now!   This page will be updated frequently with important information, issue briefs, talking points and more!  We’ll “see” you on the Hill in May!

Participation in the ACA Virtual Day on the Hill is open to all ACA members.


  • This year, ACA is partnering with Advocacy Associates, a logistics firm that specializes in organizing the entirety of virtual Hill days in Washington, DC. In 2020, they completed 60 of these virtual events and secured 8,000+ meetings, of which the actual Member of Congress was in attendance 25% of the time. Since 2010 they’ve secured 77,000+ meetings for over 90,000+ attendees.
  • Advocacy Associates will be assisting with the logistics of ACA Virtual Day on the Hill including all scheduling of Capitol Hill meetings.
  • The process of how your meetings will be arranged are as follows:
    • Your home and business(es) address(es) will be used to match you with the appropriate Representative and Senators
    • You will then be grouped with 3-5 other ACA attendees according to district, state, then region if necessary
    • You will meet with the offices of Representatives and Senators where your home and/or facilities are located, and any relevant members of Congress that fall under the committees most pertinent to our legislative issues
    • You will have a total of 3-5 meetings
    • An email with a link to their online platform will be sent roughly one week in advance. This portal will provide you with:
      • Your schedule
      • Zoom links to all meetings
      • Talking points and associated documents
      • Contact information for attendees in your meetings
      • Reminder emails for each meeting
    • Our briefing webinar will review how to navigate the online portal, and discuss our legislative agenda.  Two briefing webinars will be scheduled prior to ACA Virtual Day on the Hill, one on Tuesday May 4th and the following night May 5th, both at 8:00pm EDT
  • The time frame for ACA Virtual Day on the Hill is Thursday May 6th from 9:00am-5:00pm EDT, however your meetings will take place during normal business hours for the time zone you are located in.
  • Questions?  Contact


More Coming Soon!