Education Sessions

Education Sessions


Who Even Cares About Documentation?

Presented by Dr. Greg Friedman

Dr. Gregg Friedman will explain WHAT we must document, WHY we must document, WHEN we must document and HOW we can actually do this without killing our practice or making us DANGRY (documentation angry).


SMT mechanisms. What can you tell your patients, peers and parents?

Presented by Dr. Greg Kawchuk

Who would have thought that SMT influences so many systems? Biomechanics. Neurology. Possibly genetics. This talk will help chiropractors navigate through the recent science that is redefining SMT mechanisms and their clinical relevance, with the goal of developing effective narratives when communicating these ideas to patients, peers and even parents.


How to Lead the Pack for A Successful Associateship

Presented by Drs. Ray Tuck and Jennifer Rathmann 

Successful doctors possess a strong passion for chiropractic and a yearning to be successful. They are willing to work outside their comfort zone. They work well with others, have humility, take direction and implement effectively. They are detail oriented but also know to keep an eye on the big picture. Being able to turn these “Successful Doctor Attributes” into action is invaluable in an associate position. However, it’s often difficult for the associate to lead and gain trust. Building consistent processes and great communication skills will enable any doctor to emerge as a leader, even as an associate. Honing these skills will also equip doctors to give the best care possible to patients, which ultimately is the most important indicator of success!


Collaborative and Innovative Chiropractic Care: How to Build your Referral Network

Presented by Dr. Katie Benson

NextGen's guide to collaborative care! Dr. Benson will discuss who you need on your collaborative team and how to build relationships with other providers. In addition, attendees will learn how to effectively communicate with and refer to other healthcare providers.


The Adventure Outside of Comfort: How to be a Change Agent for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Chiropractic Profession

Presented by Dr. Nakeisha Pearson

Change occurs outside of your comfort zone.  Attendees will understand the importance of being open, honest and courageous in their conversations and actions regarding social equity.  To lead the shift in our professional culture we must regularly speak the language of diversity, partnership and inclusion. 


Failing Forward: Why Our Failures Are A Key Determinant of Our Successes

Presented by Dr. Stephen Laski

This presentation will offer insight into some commonly experienced challenges (personally, clinically and professionally) that new and early-career practitioners may face in private practice. It will also explore some uncommon challenges Dr. Laski encountered while volunteering with World Spine Care. This presentation aims to increase resilience, raise awareness of strategies for failure, and to improve our progress towards achieving and measuring successes.