Submission Instructions

ACA Engage 2022 Submission Instructions

ACA has implemented a virtual presenter center to accept online presentation proposals for evaluation and selection. All proposals must be submitted electronically to be considered for inclusion in the program. ACA’s Engage 2022 Planning Committee has established submission criteria defined below.

Final submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. ET Monday, June 14, 2021 to be considered for evaluation and selection. 

We recommended that you prepare the contents of your proposal in a Word file prior to entering the data into the online application. Once you have all of your content prepared, follow the steps below to create and submit your proposal.

Before you get started have the following items ready:

  • Proposal title
  • Brief presentation summary
  • Course breakdown
  • 2-3 Learning Objectives
  • Take-home statement
  • Content references
  • 3-5 sample presentation slides
  • Past speaking engagements (list or links)
  • 2-page CV (include contact info, education, license info, professional/work experience, research, presentations and/or publications)
  • Co-presenter's name and 2-page CV

to ACA using your online profile information.

  1. Select CREATE NEW
  2. Create New Presentation:
    • Presentation Submission Event: Select Engage 2022 Call for Presenters
    • Presentation Title: The title should immediately communicate the session content. Please note if your presentation is selected for Engage 2022, the title cannot be changed after it has been submitted for Continuing Education. Title word limit: no more than 10 words.
    • Author Presenter Role: Select your presentation role.
    • Click Create Presentation (Note: you will receive an email confirming you have started the proposal creation process.)
  3. In the top navigation bar of the presenter center (under your presentation title), click on Proposal and CV to enter your Presentation Information.
  4. All proposals should include the following: (Please note: ACA will feature a mix of learning formats that will provide registrants with the opportunity to take courses on demand and through in-person learning events.  Answers to the first two yes or no questions will be used as guidance as we plan the education program for Engage 2022, but we do not guarantee placement in a particular format.)
    • Answer yes or no if you plan to attend the in-person conference. Your response will not affect the selection process.
    • Select yes or no if you are willing to pre-record your session with ACA staff prior to the conference.
    • Presentation Summary – Well-written, with clearly stated outcomes and appropriately documented theory, research and/or experience.  
    • Course Breakdown – Hourly breakdown of topics to be presented during your session. (ex. Intro – 15 minutes, topic 1- 20 minutes, etc.)
    • Learning Objectives – 2-3 measurable learning objectives that describe what learners should be able to do upon completion of your session. Make sure you number each learning objective. 
    • Sample Format
      1. Discuss the clinical approach to manage acute low back pain.
      2. Explain the role of chiropractic in an integrative setting.
      3. Identify a rehabilitation plan for patients suffering with chronic pain.
    • Intended Audience – Practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Assistant, Faculty, Student.
    • Take Home – What is the “Monday morning application?” that attendees can expect to take-home and implement in their practice.
    • References – 5 content references that support your presentation. References should be recent - within the last 10 years. References should be publications, research you completed, etc.
    • Practice Area – Select up to 4 applicable practice areas that relate to your presentation.
    • Sample Presentation Slides –Answer yes to agree to submit 3-5 sample slides that support your presentation. (Note: sample slides are required and help the reviewers see a sample of the content you propose)
  5. IMPORTANT: Click Save before moving to the Submission Agreement section.  If you do not save your work, your contents will be lost. If you receive an error message on the page, please go back and review your content to make sure you have not exceeded the character/word count and do not have any extra symbols in your content.
  6. Read the Submission Agreement, select the box for “I have read and agree to adhere to all elements of the submission agreement” and click Save. Answer the three questions under the Permissions section, and then click Save.
  7. Next, navigate to the Upload CV & Additional Files tab to the right of the Submission Agreement tab.  Click on Upload CV & Additional Files and then click on Choose File.  Browse for the files you are uploading.  Click the red Upload File button to complete each upload.  Repeat this step until all of your documents have been uploaded. The following documents can be uploaded to this section:
    • 2-page CV for each presenter (Required)
    • Sample slides (Required)
    • Additional references (Optional)
    • Additional documents that support your presentation (Optional)
  8. If you have Co-Presenters, click on the Co-Presenters tab.  Click Add Co-Presenter.  Search for Co-Presenter by first and last name; add new contact if not available. 
  9. Scroll up the page and click on the red Home button. 
  10. Under Checklist, the Presentation Document & CV box should appear blue.  If so, you are ready to submit your presentation. 
  11. Click Submit Presentation to complete your proposal.

Questions? Contact Lori Hall at or (703) 812-0245.