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Learn from the Best. 

Earn CE credit from two educational tracks featuring industry-leading presenters. NCLC offers an unmatched education program, featuring over 20 sessions that offer high-quality, innovative presentations. Topics include evidence in practice, the highest standards of ethics and patient care, and best practices in practice management.  Education sessions will be held Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19, as well as during our Thursday pre-con session.

Continuing education credits earned for attendance to NCLC 2019 are accepted in every state within the U.S. EXCEPT the following:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia.  Certain states do not accept credits for educational content pertaining to practice management or practice building.  Continuing education requirements are regulated by the chiropractic state licensing boards. Each board has unique policies and procedures related to continuing education of its licensees. Chiropractic state licensing boards place the responsibility on licensees to adhere to these requirements in order to maintain licensure. Licensees should verify acceptance of continuing education courses with their state licensing board.