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ACA Announces Sponsors for Upcoming Wellness Sessions

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) today announced that The Vitality Depot—a supplier of innovative products at extraordinary value to chiropractic clinics across the U.S. and Canada—along with Revelar, the free radical testing company, and GreensFirst, the super-nutrient supplementation supplier, are co-sponsoring two of the association’s upcoming educational sessions promoting wellness.

The first session, “Chiropractic Wellness - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention,” will be held on Sunday, Feb. 13 in Washington, D.C. This event will take place the day before the 2011 National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC) with the Chiropractic Summit.

The other session will be a part of ACA’s Certified Chiropractic Wellness Specialist program. The session will begin on March 5 in Raleigh, N.C.

Last year, ACA partnered with the National Wellness Institute (NWI) to create a wellness certification program for chiropractic physicians. After completing the program, participants can become Certified Chiropractic Wellness Specialists. ACA and NWI have created an evidence-based program, consisting of four 10-hour modules, to give chiropractic physicians the information and tools necessary to act as wellness coaches to their patients.

The upcoming session’s first module, “Principles of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention,” will be taught in March. The session’s remaining modules will be taught one at a time, one weekend each month between April and June. All of the modules will be taught at the North Carolina Chiropractic Association’s offices in Raleigh.

“Many factors contribute to enhancing a person’s overall wellness, and receiving chiropractic care, along with diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations from a chiropractic physician is a good place to start,” said ACA President Rick McMichael, DC. “What the patient does at home, day-to-day with these recommendations is key. Wellness is very much about healthy habits.  The Vitality Depot, Revelar and GreensFirst provide supplies for doctors and patients to enhance overall wellness both in the clinic and at home, and ACA is pleased to have them sponsor our upcoming wellness sessions.”

"The American Chiropractic Association’s new program to train and certify chiropractic physicians in wellness will eventually be viewed as one of the major inflection points for our profession,” said Mark Mandell, DC, MBA, president of The Vitality Depot. “The Vitality Depot supports this new initiative and encourages all chiropractic physicians to attend one or all of the ACA’s wellness programs and become a part of this fast-growing health care movement."

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About The Vitality Depot
The Vitality Depot was founded by a third-generation chiropractor with the goal of selling innovative clinical products at extraordinary value for the USA and Canadian chiropractic markets. Some of the featured products include Revelar, GreensFirst, SpiderTech, PowerVibe ZenPro, the Vitality Health Channel, and StimTec TENS. Visit or call 866-941-8867 to add Vitality to your practice!

About NWI
Founded in 1977, the National Wellness Institute Inc. (NWI) works to promote the understanding of the dynamic factors that contribute to health and well-being as they emerge through research and practice; to share and develop strategies to positively influence those factors that support a worldwide population with healthy, balanced lifestyles; and to serve the professionals and organizations that promote optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities.

About ACA
The American Chiropractic Association, based in Arlington, Va., is the largest professional association in the United States representing doctors of chiropractic. ACA promotes the highest standards of ethics and patient care, contributing to the health and well-being of millions of chiropractic patients.