Rebate Program

The SACA Rebate program was established to create an incentive for membership recruitment and to financially assist SACA Chapters on an annual basis. The program runs from January 1st – December 31st of the current year and all memberships recruited, at the chapter level, for students and new graduates are paid directly to the chapter in February of the following year.


It is essential that officer information and address information current to ensure that rebates are received in a timely manner. Listed below is a breakdown of payment for each rebate type.   Rebates given will be pending full payment is received at ACA headquarters before December 31st.

Rebate Calculations paid annually by ACA

SACA Member: $8 per new student

New Graduate (recruited at the chapter level only): $10 per new grad

If you need more information on how this program works do not hesitate to contact your SACA staff liaison, Lori Hall, directly at (703) 812-0245, via email at  or toll free at 1-800-986-4636.