JMPTThe Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) is the most respected and widely read chiropractic science journal in the world, and it is the only chiropractic journal indexed in Medline. JMPT is dedicated to the advancement of chiropractic health care. It taps into the latest information in chiropractic therapeutics and features high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles and practical information for clinical settings.

The journal is owned and produced by National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Ill., and is published nine times per year by Elsevier, one of the world’s leading publishers of science and health information.

An online subscription to JMPT is a member benefit for ACA General and Governors Advisory Cabinet (GAC) members. 

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ACA Member Access to JMPT: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my online subscription?

A: General and GAC members can access their online subscription to JMPT by simply clicking the link above or signing into the ACA website at (the member benefits page that appears will include a link to JMPT under the Publications section). In both cases you will need to provide your ACA username and password to access the journal.  

Each time a new issue of JMPT is published, ACA will send out an e-mail highlighting several articles from the issue and connecting JMPT subscription holders to the ACA website, where they can log in and access JMPT online.

Members, be sure that ACA has your correct e-mail information so that you do not miss out on this valuable member benefit. If you need to update your information with ACA, please contact or call (703) 276-8800. 


Q: How can I access the JMPT archives?

A: Simply click on the link above or sign into the ACA website as usual at and click on the JMPT link (under Publications) on the member benefits page that appears. Once you connect to the current issue of JMPT, you’ll see links to the journal’s vast online archives.


Q: How can I purchase a print subscription to JMPT?

A: General and GAC members may purchase a discount print subscription by calling the ACA Office at (703) 276-8800. Others can subscribe to JMPT by clicking here, e-mailing or calling 1-800-654-2452 (U.S./Canada); 407-345-4000 (outside U.S./Canada).


Still have questions? Contact ACA at or call (703) 276-8800.


For more information about JMPT, contact:

Elsevier Customer Service
Telephone (U.S./Canada): 1-800-654-2452
Telephone (outside U.S./Canada): 407-345-4000
Fax : (U.S./Canada): 1-800-225-6030
Fax: (outside U.S./Canada): 407-363-9661