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The Journal of the American Chiropractic Association (JACA) Online is a peer-reviewed, primary source journal that is dedicated to the advancement of chiropractic health care principles and practice. JACA is indexed in MANTIS, CINAHL, the Index of Chiropractic Literature and SPORTDiscus.


Current Issue: September-October2013


PPACA, Health Care, and Chiropractic
By Carol Marleigh Kline, JACA Online editor
Drs. Scott Munsterman and Michele Maiers explains the basics of value-based health care, as well as what PPACA's changes mean to the field practitioners. Full Text >>

Life-THreatening Conditions that Walk: A Clinician's Review
By David J. Schimp, DC, DACNB, DAAPM
Dr. Schimp describes the six most common undiagnosed life-threatening conditions encountered by chiropractors. Full Text >>

Pain Pills or Chiropractic?
By Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer
Pain is the leading public health problem in this country and the most common symptom that leads to medical care. Read about the public's typical reaction to pain, and why that reaction is creating serious problems. Full Text >>

Chiropractic App and Website Exchange
By Carol Marleigh Kline, MA, JACA Online editor
Doctors can now use smartphones and other electronic devices to get access to clinical references and content, interactive outcome measures, patient documentation, and patient imaging—and even choose a good seat on an airplane. Full Text >>

A 17-Year-Old with Headache
By Michael Tunning, DC
Dr. Tunning offers an evidence-based approach to deciding whether a young football player is ready to resume practice after a direct hit to the head. Full Text >>

Open-Access Journal Abstracts
By Linda Zange, DC
Dr. Zange contributes several valuable studies, beginning with one on how chronic LBP patients view CAM therapies  Full Text >>.

Actual and Projected Innominate Height Changes as a Function of Posterior Innominate Rotation
By Robert Cooperstein, MA, DC
Once again, Dr. Cooperstein challenges the validity of a widely accepted rule.  Full Text >>

Hip Osteoarthritis, Manipulative & Multimodal Therapy with Rehabilitation: How the Latest Research Affects Field Practitioners
By James Brantingham, DC, PhD
Good news for chiropractic. Dr. Brantingham discusses studies that have led to the selection of manipulative therapy as the preferred treatment for hip osteoarthritis in official publications. Full Text >>

Atlas Dysfunction in a 7-Month-Old Infant and the Labyrinthine Righting Reflex
By Scott R. Torns, DC
Dr. Torns discusses his observations when he treated an infant who had upper-cervical dysfunction. Full Text >>

Don't Take Arthritis Lying Down
Years ago, patients with arthritis were told to slow down, do less, and accept the inevitable. These days, that advice is out the window. Full Text >>

Joint Health and Sports
In this handout, patients learn how to protect their joints from harm caused by doing too much too soon in an exercise program. Full Text >>

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