Coding and Billing

The ACA's Coding and Reimbursement Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss the present and future coding concerns of the chiropractic profession. Typically, these monthly meetings cover a wide range of issues, ideas, and discussions that will affect chiropractic coding.

One such idea generated by this committee is a compendium of coding clarifications and position statements. Over the past few years, as coding questions are fielded from the membership, position statements and clarifications have been developed. These coding aids cover a wide variety of topics and issues. They are developed under the direction of the ACA's representatives to the AMA CPT® and RUC coding process, and contain the official coding position on the matter in question.

These clarifications and position statements have also been useful in our efforts to educate insurers on proper coding policy. Many different insurers have requested these documents and clarified their in-house policy.

If you should require additional information concerning these codes, or if you have a request for an additional clarification, email the Payment Policy Department at or fax your inquiry to (866) 575-8615.

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