Ethical Practice

ACA’s fraud-prevention initiatives provide educational resources for SIU investigators, doctors, and patients.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is committed to providing awareness, education and training to doctors of chiropractic to maintain the profession's high level of ethics and standards. The ACA takes a zero-tolerance stand against all types of fraud. Our policy states, "The ACA opposes any type of fraud within the chiropractic profession and within the insurance industry, third party payers, managed care organizations or other entities..."

One educational resource ACA developed for SIU investigators is the  Guide for Insurance Professionals.  This guide provides insurance professionals with ACA policies, definitions of common chiropractic terminology, details regarding chiropractic specialites and other information to assist in the processing and review of chiropractic claims.   Below you will also find additional resources from ACA.  If you have any questions please contact the ACA's Payment Policy Department.

Zero Tolerance Resources

  1. Code of Ethics
  2. Fraud and Abuse Policy  
  3. Public Anti-Fraud Statement
  4. Zero Tolerance Brochure

Dr. Stephen Perle writes a monthly column for ACA News regarding professional ethics.  Read Dr. Perle's articles below:

  1. "Ethics: One Drop at a Time"
  2. "Our Contract with Society"
  3. "The Ethical Path to Progress"
  4. "Conduct Unbecoming"
  5. "Veracity: Nothing More, Nothing Less"
  6. "What It Means to ‘Keep Inviolate’"
  7. "Informed Consent: Not Just a Signature"
  8. "Knowledge is Power"
  9. "Ethics of the Consult"
  10. "Don’t Abandon Ship" 
  11. "Service to Humanity"
  12. "Reaching Beyond Our Borders"
  13. "Truth in Advertising"
  14. "Tattletale!"
  15. "Appearances Matter"
  16. "Advance Chiropractic Through Scholarship, Education"
  17. "The Ethics of Treating Friends, Family, Colleagues and Employees"
  18. "New Diagnostic Methods and Treatment"
  19. "A Duty to Whom?"
  20. "Professionalism and High-Cost Health Care"
  21. "Fidelity in Practice"