New NCLAF Supports Chiropractic’s Legal, Legislative Advocacy

NCLAFThe National Chiropractic Legal-Legislative Action Fund (NCLAF) pools financial resources from doctors of chiropractic across the country to support both legislative and legal actions that advance and protect the chiropractic profession and the millions of patients it serves.

NCLAF combines the former National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund, with its legislative advocacy initiative, and the former Chiropractic Health Advocacy Mobilization Project (CHAMP), into a single, unified entity capable of doing battle on both fronts simultaneously and in a more complementary, coordinated fashion.

The merger vastly expands and improves the chiropractic profession’s advocacy abilities—both in the halls of Congress, where laws are made, and in America’s courtrooms, where they are interpreted and enforced.

How Can I Help?

Do your part to support NCLAF and its vital activities.

Doctors, patients and other individuals may also contribute to the fund by sending a check to:

P.O. Box 75359
Baltimore, MD 21275


Initiatives Receiving Support Through NCLAF

Health Care Reform: Promoting Greater Access to Chiropractic Services
Health care reform is having a major impact on how millions of patients pay for their care and what care they receive. From the onset of reform discussions, ACA has boldly advocated for the inclusion of chiropractic services in the essential benefits package and was successful in having a provision included in the law that prohibits a health care provider from being discriminated against because of his or her license. The provision, Section 2706, ensures that patients can receive care from the provider of their choice and that doctors of chiropractic can provide the services they are allowed and qualified to perform under their state scope of practice. Learn more about health care reform at

Legal Action Against Unfair Insurance Practices and Policies
United Healthcare (UHC)/OptumIn July 2013, we received a good decision in the UHC/Optum case in regard to the ERISA claims. Another positive development occurred in December 2013 when a federal judge ruled that a doctor of chiropractic may pursue his overpayment allegations against UHC even though his patients are no longer insured by the company. The ruling stated that patients are still subject to the health insurer's overpayment recoupment procedures. The UHC/Optum complaint, as amended by ACA, requests the federal court to enjoin United from continuing to apply the Optum policies that are used to improperly to reduce coverage for chiropractic services. Learn more.

Cigna/American Specialty Health Networks (ASHN) - The incoming concerns related to Cigna and ASHN’s practices continue to be sent to ACA’s Payment Policy Department. Our legal action requests the court to award injunctive, declaratory and other equitable relief to ensure ASHN and CIGNA's compliance with ERISA as well as other state and federal laws and regulations. Learn more.

Learn more about ACA’s efforts to ensure that chiropractic networks treat doctors of chiropractic and their patients fairly at the Chiropractic Networks Action Center (CNAC),


These and other initiatives that directly defend

the interests of doctors of chiropractic nationwide

are supported through

the National Chiropractic Legal-Legislative Action Fund.



What Else Can I Do?

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