Member Benefits

Strengthen Your Practice and Your Profession Through ACA Membership

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) works to preserve, protect, improve and promote the chiropractic profession for the benefit of the patients it serves. ACA believes that doctors of chiropractic can contribute significantly to public health with their expert musculoskeletal care and their focus on a natural, whole-body approach to enhancing health and wellness. ACA strives to remove any barriers that prevent patients from accessing the services of chiropractic physicians. Join the ACA.

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WATCH: President Anthony Hamm discusses the benefits of ACA membership

 ACA Member Benefit Highlight: NEW! ACA is proud to launch the Member Advantage Program where you can quickly and easily find discounts on hotels, insurance service, products for your practice and much more.

Success in Practice

Through a variety of patient, marketing and practice management resources, ACA can help you implement strategies that are optimal for your practice’s operation and growth, including:

  • New patients through Find a Doc, our online membership database
  • Your coding and insurance questions answered
  • Your claims problems resolved through ACA mediation and advocacy
  • Guidance on participating in federal incentive programs, such as the EHR program (which rewards doctors for adapting new technology in practice)
  • Information on new opportunities, such as DOT training, to expand your services
  • Information on Medicare and other federal programs open to DCs
  • Guidance on coding and documenting preventive services
  • Tips and sample outreach letters to help you nurture professional relationships with MDs and DOs in your community and increase referrals

Access to Information
Through our monthly and weekly publications, ACA keeps you informed about the latest chiropractic research, news and products by providing…

  • Articles on practice management and marketing
  • Articles on clinical topics  and enhancing patient care
  • A free subscription to JMPT for General and GAC members
  • Patient facts sheets that can be distributed in your clinic or at health fairs and other events
  • Updates on issues affecting the profession, such as health care reform, electronic health records, integrative care, and more
  • News from the chiropractic community nationwide


Access to Education and CEUs
Thanks to its PACE certification from the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, ACA offers evidence-based programs and continuing education opportunities that help you stay on top of clinical topics and patient care. Choose from…

Savings and Discounts
Thanks to ACA’s corporate partnerships and agreements, you gain access to an assortment of discounted products, services and programs that will benefit your practice and save time and money, such as…   

  • NEW! ACA is proud to launch the Member Advantage Program where you can quickly and easily find discounts on hotels, insurance service, products for your practice and much more.
  • Savings and discounts from more than 60 corporate members, offering products and services that boost your bottom line and improve patient care
  • Discounts on a wide range of educational programs and products
  • FREE membership to chiropractic assistants who work for voting ACA members

Networking and Fellowship
Your ACA membership gives you the opportunity to network with some of the best minds in the profession. Through a variety of councils, committees and professional events, DCs can…      

  • Meet DCs from across the country at ACA events and educational programs
  • Explore unique interests through membership in one of ACA’s 11 specialty councils
  • Communicate with colleagues through ACA’s listserv and social media platforms
  • Tackle professional issues through participation on one of ACA’s many committees
  • Students can nuture lifelong friendships and gain valuable information as members of the Student ACA (SACA)

Strength in Numbers
When it comes down to who has the most influence in Washington D.C., it’s a matter of who has the loudest voice (i.e. the biggest membership or constituency). By joining ACA and helping to increase our membership base, you are raising the chiropractic profession’s decibel level to new heights. Rest assured that in return ACA is…

  • Advocating for pro-chiropractic legislation and policies on Capitol Hill, in the VA and the Dept. of Defense, and at other federal agencies
  • Raising chiropractic’s cultural authority by pushing for the appointment of DCs to federal health care panels and other decision-making bodies
  • Responding to negative or inaccurate information about chiropractic and DCs in the media
  • Working with reporters and producers by providing credible media spokespersons and accurate information for their articles and broadcasts
  • When necessary, taking legal action to halt insurance policies or practices that unfairly target DCs and their patients
  • Educating claims managers and insurance investigators so they are better equipped to recognize  proper chiropractic patient care and how it differs from allopathic care
  • Protecting your right to practice….and your patients’ right to access your service