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American Chiropractic Association
1701 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 703-276-8800
Fax: 703-243-2593
Business Hours:
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)


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Executive Office: 703-812-0219
Interim Executive Vice President Rick Miller
Deputy Executive Vice President Janet Ridgely
Senior Director, Information Systems Dean Millard
Meetings Manager Stacy Pepitone


Communications Department: 703-812-0209
Vice President Annette Bernat
Director of Publications Lori Burkhart
Public and Media Relations Manager Nicole Racadag
Communications Coordinator Amanda Donohue


Finance Department: 703-812-0202
Vice President Lisa Sanders
Senior Director, Finance Kim Hodes
Office Manager Charnese Bethea
Accounts Receivable Specialist Brandy Boyd


Government Relations Department: 703-812-0228
Senior Vice President John Falardeau
Director of Federal Government Relations Jack Dusik
Director of Federal & Regulatory Affairs Meghann Dugan-Haas
Advocacy Outreach Manager Molly Grady


Payment Policy Department: 703-812-0225
Senior Vice President Laurie Douglass-Wilson
Senior Director of Operations Bobby Gibson
Senior Director, Insurance Advocacy Julie Lenhardt
Insurance Quality Analyst III Jill Foote
Reimbursement Resources Manager Jessica Adams


Marketing & Member Services Department: 703-812-0223
Vice President Anne Marie Munson
Director, Membership Operations Lori Hall
Director, Membership Kerri L. McGovern
Marketing Manager Leakhena Swett
Professional Development Manager Miguel Rodriguez
Membership Outreach Coordinator Nathanael Bell
Membership Associate Benedicta Suppey