ACA's Statement on the Passage of H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act

On Nov. 7, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, by a vote of 220-215. The legislation was then sent to the Senate, where a timetable for consideration has not yet been determined.

Without question, the need to correct the deficiencies of America’s current health delivery system is great. However, ACA fully acknowledges that consensus—among public policy makers, the consumer public, and the varied stakeholders significantly involved in the provisioning of health care services—does not yet exist regarding the extent of reforms needed or how best to structure or achieve meaningful reform. Recognizing this reality, ACA welcomes and encourages further debate by Congress and other concerned parties that would focus, in detail, on the broad issue of health care reform, patients’ access to care, the freedom to choose the provider, coverage for approved services regardless of the type of provider performing such services, and emphasizing wellness and prevention as a way to improve the nation’s health and cut the costs that chronic disease has on our society.
ACA did not officially endorse or oppose H.R. 3962, but remains an active participant in deliberations on health care reform on Capitol Hill. ACA’s main objectives in any health care reform package passed by Congress are to ensure parity at all levels, including reimbursement; to guarantee direct access for chiropractic patients in all national or federal plans; and to maintain the ability of doctors of chiropractic to provide care within the scope of their individual licenses.

ACA urges all doctors of chiropractic to continue to contact their legislators in Washington and demand that chiropractic interests are protected in any health care reform plan developed on Capitol Hill. Doctors of chiropractic and state associations are also strongly encouraged to enlist their patients and other chiropractic supporters in the ChiroVoice advocacy network ( ACA will continue to issue updates on pertinent reform activities as they become available. Stay informed throughout the national health care reform debate via

To reach your legislators, go to and click on Legislative Action Center. To access H.R. 3962, go to


Published in the December 2009 issue of ACA News.