October is National Chiropractic Health Month!


Welcome to the National Chiropractic Health Month Web site. Thank you for your interest in this important initiative, designed to educate consumers about the many benefits of chiropractic care and to position doctors of chiropractic as wellness experts.

National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) is a nationwide campaign held each October. This year’s activities will focus on how chiropractic care can help patients feel their best every day, regardless of age, occupation or fitness level. The theme - "Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game" - focuses on how everyone can take steps toward optimal health, wellness and functioning. This year’s NCHM toolkit will enable DCs to reach out to their patients and communities and help to raise awareness about chiropractic.

NCHM Toolkit
A NCHM toolkit is now available that contains a number of resources to assist in the planning and implementation of National Chiropractic Health Month activities at both the local and regional levels. You can find the toolkit, along with information about "Find Your Game" at www.acatoday.org/NCHM.

If you have any questions about National Chiropractic Health Month, please contact Caitlin Lukacs at clukacs@acatoday.org